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Frequently Asked Questions for the Adoptive Parent(s)

Please remember that most of the negative stories that you may have heard or read about regarding adoption are sensationalized by the media and are not typical of the adoption process. For example, once birth mothers make the decision to place their child for adoption, they usually do not change their mind.

1. Will the baby be healthy?
Once you are matched with a birth mother, we request her medical records and forward them to you and suggest that they be reviewed by your physician. If your physician has questions, often times we can facilitate conversations between doctors. In general, most babies are healthy.

2. How much information about the birth parents do I/we receive?
It varies, but there are usually social background and medical records available regarding the birth mother. If the birth father is involved, we may receive a social and medical background on him as well.

3. How soon after birth can the birth mother surrender her parental rights?
Most states allow a birth mother to give up her rights after 72 hours. Once the birth mother signs the surrender giving up her rights as a parent, she cannot change her mind unless there is fraud or duress.

4. How soon after birth will the child be placed in my/our care?
In most states the child is placed with the adoptive parents within a few days.

5. How long does it take to get a baby?
The average in our office is approximately one year, but often it can be less than one year depending on the flexibility of the adoptive parent(s).

6. How much contact will I/we have with the birth mother?
Before the baby is born, you may speak with or meet the birth mother. After the adoption, the contact usually consists of notes and pictures, but the frequency of the contact is agreed to by the parties before the child is born.

7. Do I/we need a home study?
All adoptive families are required to have a home study completed. A social worker will visit your home, complete a criminal background check, get a health report from your physician, and contact personal references.

8. How much does an adoption cost?
The cost varies depending on the various needs of the birth mother.

9. Do birth fathers have rights?
Yes, birth fathers have rights. We prefer to have the birth father involved in the adoption process and surrender his parental rights as well. However, in many cases the birth fathers are not involved with the birth mother or the baby. In those instances, the father's rights can be ended through notification or court process.


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