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Frequently Asked Questions for the Birth Parent(s)

Please remember that most of the negative stories that you may have heard or read about regarding adoptions are sensationalized by the media and are not typical of the adoption process.

1. Is the adoption confidential?
Yes. Your decision is completely personal and your identifying information will remain confidential and will not be shared with the adoptive family unless you agree to disclose the information.

2. Who chooses the family that will adopt my child?
You can choose the family who you feel is best for your child. We can assist this process by showing you profiles of many loving, caring families who are looking to adopt.

3. How do I know that my child is going to a good home?
Every adoptive parent is required to have a home study completed. A social worker will visit their home, complete a criminal background check, get a health report from the parent's physician and contact personal references in order to be sure that they are fit to be an adoptive parent.

4. Will it cost me anything?
As an expectant mother, help and services are provided to you FREE OF CHARGE. Your pregnancy expenses, housing and medical costs may all be paid by the adoptive parents.

5. Can I get financial assistance?
We can assist you with arranging for medical care, counseling, living expenses and legal representation.

6. Why do I need an attorney?
The court requires birth parents to be represented by an attorney to be sure that they understand their legal rights.

7. How involved is the birth father in the adoption plan?
We encourage the birth father to be involved. However, often the birth fathers are not available or choose not to participate in the adoption process.

8. What type of contact would I have with the adoptive parents?
Whether or not you have contact is up to you. In most cases, you can meet or speak with the adoptive parent or parents before you give birth. After the child is adopted, we can arrange for the adoptive family to send photos and notes to you or, in some cases, arrange for additional contact.

9. Will my child be able to contact me when they become an adult?
When the child is 18 he/she will have access to the original birth certificate, which will have your name listed. Birth parents who want to be reunited with their children should keep the court updated with current contact information.


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