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  • If you are approaching adoption for the first time, congratulations on taking this first step! Making the decision to adopt is an important one that requires much thought, commitment and consideration.

  • We have been involved in hundreds of successful adoptions.

  • Adoptive placements typically occur within twelve months, but some occur more quickly.

  • We locate birth parents in a variety of ways from sources all over the United States.

  • Birth parents share non-identifying information, including medical records with the adoptive parents.

  • As an adoptive parent, you will review medical records and background information on potential birth parents and choose which birth parents to whom their profiles are submitted.

  • Adoptive parents can choose whether or not their information, such as residence and last name, will remain confidential or whether it will be shared with the birth parents.

  • Adoptive parents take placement of a baby almost immediately after birth.

  • Over the past 25 years, we have earned a reputation for providing premier adoption services.

  • Our goal is to assist you in creating an adoption experience that is focused on fulfilling your expectations of adopting a healthy child and meeting the needs of you and your family.


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